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A number of social events are held during the season, including BBQs, a quiz night, a Fitting Out Supper at the beginning of the season and a Laying Up Supper (Dinner and Prize-giving) in November each year.
Chichester Sailing Week
Many club members have just returned from the annual TTSC sailing week at Chichester. For those that have not been this week offers you a chance to sail on the sea in a relatively safe environment.

Unlike Haysden lake, sailing involves taking account of the tide and lots of other boats, some considerably bigger than a dingy. Trips of two or three miles take place usually ending up at a pub for lunch or if the conditions are right, the beach.

The weather was a significant feature of this year’s event with more rain and wind than we would have liked. However, there is still plenty to do around and about and trips to the cinema, swimming pool, walking, cycling and much more were enjoyed by everyone.

The annual Tidal Trophy race also took place as usual albeit in very windy conditions. Around half a dozen dinghies attempted the start with one retiring before the race and another during the race. However, the winning boat, a Miracle complete with mum, dad and two children under 11 showed everyone how it should be done! The day was rounded off with the annual camp BBQ where everyone on the camp site cooks and socialises in the middle of the field.

As you can see below the Commodore’s wife had her own tent this year.......... An inviting, spacious, comfortable and functional retreat from the inclement weather! 
Bough Beech Sailing Club - Winter Boat Storage
Find out what you need to do here .......

Folks. It's that time of year again. I have had confirmation from BBSC thatTonbridge Town Sailing Club can use their boat park again this year for winter boat storage.  Click here to download the required form. This should be returned to BBSC with your payment. The cost is £35 and Bough Beech Sailing Club is open between 09.30 and 17.00  on Saturdays and Sundays. 

BBSC are also running their annual Icicle Race Series if you feel brave enough to sail in January and February. Click here to download instructions or email Don Buckle at  If you do join BBSC for the winter there is a condition. We want you back in March to enjoy the family atmosphere here at TTSC!
2018 AGM - 23rd Feb
Don't forget our 2018 AGM at Bidborough Village Hall. This is your chance to have your say and let us know if we are running TTSC  in the way that you would like it to be run.

For those that have not been before the AGM is  a well supported event and the formalities don't take that long to get out of the way. What we would like is members that have not been before to come along and let us know if there is anything we could do better. The entire committee will be in attendance along with 30 or 40 members .  Once the formal proceedings are complete we have a few snacks, a drink and a natter to enjoy.

The AGM is held at Bidbourough Village Hall (Shown as Bidborough Village Nursery School on map below.) from about 7.00pm on Friday the 23rd of February. If you need more information, drop us an email at or give me a call on 07824 140743.


Keith Minster - Commodore